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Sooooo, I've been in discussions with the Uni regarding studying my Masters. And there was a chance I could study a unit this coming semester, starting in July. I just read the course outline and had a COMPLETE NERDGASM AT WORK (I actually squeed and they were like O_O)

Topics will include:
 Mainstream ethical theories relevant to human services: Aristotle and Virtue Ethics, Mill/Bentham/Singer and Utilitarianism; Kant and Deontology; Gilligan/Noddings and the Ethic of Care.
 Main philosophical concepts underpinning the practice of working with children and young people: utilitarianism, deontology, care, legalism
 Applied and Professional Ethics of the practitioner and ethics in working with children and young people.
 Concepts of children and young people’s welfare and protection.

OMG. AristotleBenthamKantSingeromgomgappliedethicsstudies*drooooool*


And that very nerdgasm is why I decided to wait to study it in 2010. I can see myself in Vienna, opting to sit in a hotel room to read Nicomachean Ethics for the third time (the second time I read it, it was for fun - no jokes). I am SO looking forward to this. I haven't been this excited to study anything in a long damn time. And so as much as I want to do this RIGHT FREAKING NOW I'm going to wait until I can thoroughly enjoy it. (Watch me start the readings now anyway ;))

I'm proud of me right now. Feel free to join in ;)
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