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Tonight I was supposed to go to a charity fundraiser function at Crown Casino (AKA HELL) that my friend Lauren is holding. I volunteered to help out as well, and she asked me to go pick up the balloons that were donated at some place on Canterbury Road in Bayswater. Fine, easy. I did that, but they had LOST the order and had no contact number so they had to have me ring Lauren and then there was drama about no weights and the store was closing haidhisaosf anyway, a half an hour later I finally left with 50 balloons in my car. Not an easy fit, mind you.

I went into the city and arrived at the casino. I looked EVERYWHERE for feckin' parking and finally found a place. Called Lauren and she had her dad come find me because I had NO IDEA WHERE I WAS! He eventually did (By yelling out MARCO! in the carpark! Her dad is AWESOME) and I delivered the balloons.

NOW. Now comes the wtfuckery. I gave Lewi my debit card last night to rent movies and he forgot to give it back to me. Since parking was free because I was helping at the venue, and the balloons took so long, I decided to drive to meet Lewi to get my card back because walking would have taken too long and he was waiting to go to a concert. I took the wrong exit out of the carpark. I ended up on the wrong road. And another one and another one. I finally pulled over to the side in St Kilda to message Lewi that I wasn't coming and look at my Melways so I could figure out where I was and I think I ALMOST PICKED UP A PROSTITUTE! I saw movement and I looked up and this woman was reaching for the door handle. HOLY SHIT! I thought I was being mugged because I didn't even think 'you are in Saint Kilda'. I panicked and stepped on the gas pedal for a second, jumping forward and I swear she jumped three feet in the air. Poor woman!

Anyway, needless to say, after that I was like "FUCK IT" and I drove home. Once I got unlost, that is. Casino was too crowded and I didn't have any money anyway. *sigh*

Only me is right.
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