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Australia ♥

Hugh Jackman ♥

Special popcorn tin with Hughsy's face ♥

Using lots of those little heart buggers ♥

You ♥

Night :)

EDIT: Not night apparently. I had to share this, which happened last night. This is Lewi and me in a nutshell.

Lewis: *turns off computer which shuts down with a new little tinkly magic noise*
Lara: Was that your COMPUTER shutting down!?!??!
Lewis: ...Yes?
Lara: It sounded like a faerie having a fart! *spirit fingers* Doo-ti-la-doo-ti-la-doo! :O!! *covers mouth demurely* AHAHHAHHA I AM SO FUNNY!!! I CRACK MYSELF UP!!!!
Lewis: ..... :|

We're friggin' special.
Tags: haha, hugh jackman, lewi is cute!, quotes

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