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This morning, I did a stupid thing. I took my cold pills IN THE DARK. Lara, what the HELL is wrong with you? Anyway, I ended up taking the night time ones and loading my system full of antihistamine. Yeah. That crap effects me like you would not BELIEVE. I was stumbling around and staring at people at work. And I wrote an email that said 'The importants of this is clear to see' Okay. WHAT?! IMPORTANTS?! And I sent it to my entire team, and they giggled. Because I do not make mistakes like that in work stuff. I am a shitty typist. I REALLY am, because my hands shake and I can't help that. But at work, I'm careful. To type 'importance' wrong... Well, they marked my failure on the Lara calendar ;) Melanie at work marked my mistakes on the calendar because I make so few... And now that she's gone, Elise has taken over the job. The last one was over two months ago BOOYAH! But yesh...

That, children, is why you do not take your pills in the dark...
Tags: acu, funny work stories, hahahafail!!!, lolwhut

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