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Oh high speed internets. How I love you. Shiny new download limit...I love you too. Thank you. Thank you.

And my Lewi has a new computer, which can now end the him being offline thing! OMGZORSYAY.

So I was on the train the other day, and these peopel were talking so loud I could hear them over Joy Division and The Cure on my iPod which is just RUDE. But they were fucking hilarious.

Girl: OMG I LOVE House MD. I love that Hugh Jackman.
Boy: It's Hugh Laurie!
Girl: Oh...I thought his name was Hugh Jackman...
Boy: What kind of an Australian are you!?
Girl: Well I like that Jesse Spencer!
Boy: ....don't talk to me.

And then a few minutes later:

Girl: I think there's more 'team' things in High School in the US. Like...baseball team and those football teams.
Boy: I was on a footy team.
Girl: I was on the music team!
Boy: MUSIC TEAM!? You mean like a band?!
Girl: Uh-huh!
Boy: Music is for nerds.
Girl: No it's not! What about like...Eminem?!
Boy: Oh my god, go sit somewhere else!

Ahhahahhaha they cracked me up. And YAY more Sims expansion packs! *glee*
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