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When inanimate objects take control...

Dear Bra,

When I said I hated April Fool's Day and that no one was allowed to prank me, that included you. Unhooking yourself while I am on the train is both rude and uncalled for. Even if the little teenaged hornytoad next to me didn't think so when I tried to put you back together again. (And especially not when I failed.) I am no longer fond of you. I should give you to a porn star and you'll spend your days holding up fake boobies and being considered as merely 'in the way' instead of 'useful holder upper'. See how you like that.

Not Laughing,


(Okay, I'm laughing a little... ;) )
Tags: hahahafail!!!, is this gonna be forever?!, it this real life?, lolwhut, oh for fuck's sake

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