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I love my job!!

*Walks into Michael the boss' office with an actual query*
Michael: *looks up excitedly* GUESS WHAT?!
Lara: Oh god, what?!
Michael: I'm going to Disneyworld!!
Lara: ...Oh? That's...good?
Michael: YEAH! It's my favourite! I've been four times! Once I went with my mate...but he got motion sick. It probably wasn't the best idea, huh?
Lara: No, probably not.
Michael: Sorry, I'm in a weird mood, I had too much Coke.
Lara: *Bursts into unrelenting laughter that has me sprawled on his desk gasping for breath* *squeaks* You're a Cokehead! *continues laughter*
Michael: ....O_O

He thought he broke me! :D

Also? Best quote ever? Michael: *Walks into the room at 9 am and announces* "There was a stripper at my house this weekend and now I can't get the coconut oil smell out." *shuffles into office, dejectedly*

And it's funnier without the context so you get NONE! Bwahhaha!
Tags: acu, funny work stories

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