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Oh Emails.

My bosses made me permanent today! Well I WAS permanent, but every new staff member has probation and usually probation lasts three months, but they said I'm exceeding expectations and they see no reason I should be on probation any longer so...I'm not! YAY! EARLY! :D And they said alllll sorts of lovely things about me which made me feel fantastic (and shy...) and happy happy happy!

Also? Student emails at ACU have the potential to be VERY funny. It's the first letter of your first name, first letter of your middle name (If you have one) and the first three or four letters of your last name and that varies. So I would be ljmos or ljmose depending. I got one the other day who was M. Robert Sexton who became mrsex. Brilliant. And Jewson said "I'D BE MRJEW!" (Or mrjews) :D Since then I have gotten nostop, shlong, ssboho (which made me think of a bohemian cruise ship okay...) and my favourite one. OXXXXXX JXXX Stabelos becomes ojstab.

Why yes. He did.

Hope you all had lovely days!
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