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My Journal

Thank you Stacy for getting me a journal!!! *huggles* I mostly just wanted a place to write down my annoyances or gripings. SO if what I write scares you a little...don't be afraid ;) Mostly what I have to write about now is working as a waitress. Dammit lol. Dinner shifts are fine, it's graveyard shifts that are the problem! Stupid drunk people. Last night we only had 2 cooks on because one of the cooks got recalled by the Marines and he told the scheduler that he'd be leaving but they didn't schedule anyone else! So our orders were taking like 45 minutes to come up and all the customers were getting pissed off, but there's nothign anyone could do about it. I believe Chris called them "Fucking Meatpuppets" which amused me enough I guess. Kept me from strangling someone :) Ya know what is NOT a funny joke to ask a waitress? The joke that goes, "What's the soup de Jour? The soup of the day!? That sounds good I'll have that." Yes...You are not the only one who saw that movie. You are not the only one who thinks they are clever enough to quote it. I get it at least 2 times a night, maybe more. Nowadays I just smile and walk away. And hey...when you're at a restaurant and you can tell they're busy and your food is taking a little bit long. Don't blame the waitress!! It hardly her fault! She can't control how long the food is taking. Neither can the cooks actually because if you want your food un-raw, you'll just have to shut up and wait! Unless of course you don't MIND your food not being cooked. Because I don't think I'd mind a few people getting sick and never coming back. I wouldn't do it on purpose of course, but if you're going to complain about your food taking so long, DON'T ORDER SO DAMN MUCH OF IT!!!!!! OOoh that felt good :) Enough of my waitress rant for today :)
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