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OKAY! SO! I had an interview with Australian Catholic University yesterday. I worked there casually in 2006 and that's where I did the exam supervision in June. I LOVE that Uni, okay. Like.....LOVE love. The kids are great, the staff is great, the location is great...my INTERVIEW was great...

They just called me. The guy said that yesterday he forgot to get a copy of my qualifications and that he needs that to 'proceed' so I'm bringing them in tomorrow for him. Then he said "Suffice to say, I can't tell you anything official, but we don't make people bring in things like this if we're discounting them and once you bring in the qualifications we can contact you next week with advice of how to proceed."

Uhm... !!!!

I hope he's not getting my hopes up, because if he is I shall CRUSH HIM, but if this means I have a continuing full-time position there, this might be my favourite day ever.

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