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You know you're a Superman freak when you can answer the damn multiple choice trivia questions before the question is even finished being asked and the options aren't on the screen yet.

Trivia: Dogs are man's best friend. Give the name of Superman's canine-
Trivia: -best friend. Was it A)Comet? B)Streaky? C)Krypto? Or D) Beppo?
Lara: HAH, they're being tricky. Comet is Supergirl's horse, streaky is her cat, and Beppo was the monkey that got Superman's powers and liked Lois.
Trivia: The answer is C. As for the rest of them, they were...

And I laughed. And I continued to do that for all of the questions save the one that was "which of the options is NOT" because you have to listen to those ;) And I got 10 of 10.

I'm a freak.

Exam Supervisors thingy went well, but I'm getting sick AGAIN. So I came home and tried to watch Goblet of Fire, but I feel asleep. Which is kind of how I feel about that movie anyway. The entire thing is SO slapped together and shite. But I did laugh when Harry says "I saw a man!" After the Death Eaters destroy the Quidditch World Cup campsite. Arthur Weasley yells "WHO?!" And I yelled "DR. WHO!" Because it's all...David Tennant. And he IS the Doctor! Him and John Pertwee. Oh Mr. Pertwee, how I love your moplike hair and your velvet suits. Take me away in your yellow car!

Uhm...further proving that freak thing. Off to upload bases to burlesque_show Which is NOT burlesque_shoe as I was typing because I'm a nerfherder.

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