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My Silliness

Yeah so I found the book. It was in my backpack hiding in a newspaper. DAMN YOU, NEWSPAPER!!!! I felt really silly when I saw that. And I still feel like crap. Blah. I wonder what it is. Maybe Karma! :O It's still snowing here, and I'm kinda ready for it to be spring now. But we (Jayann and I) took some video tape of the blizzard to send to Lewi lol. We found it hilarious though I don't know if he will ;). And then Jayann taped me petting the cat and watching some stupid special on VHS about Bubblegum Pop. More accurately...SHE was watching the special and I was just sitting there being victimized. And she zoomed the camera in on Britney Spears, but then kindly averted it to spare Lewi's precious eyes. And then she filmed herself eating some bread. Yeah that was interesting. And now I am stalling rather than reading a chapter in my book. I actually do like the book though. This studying thing is fun :D
Tags: german, lewi, pants, sillyness!, studying

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