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Deirdre, Thomas Scene

You know....I wonder where my brain comes UP with this stuff sometimes...

That being said, Thomas and Deirdre are the cutest EVER. Also...the weirdest.

Deirdre was at the door the second she heard the knock. She opened it quickly and pulled Thomas into a rib crushing hug. "Oof!" He yelped. "Thank god I don't need those for later." He said with a wink as Deirdre finally pulled away.

"Oh you'll be fine! I'm so glad you...I...I love you, Thomas!" Deirdre said, hugging her surrogate big brother again.

Thomas chuckled fondly and patted her on the head. "I love you too, Deirdre."

Deirdre grinned and dragged Thomas into the kitchen so he could have some cake. She'd already set it all up for him. "Look! Eat!"

Thomas grinned. "I do so like it when I'm commanded to eat. And cake makes it even better." He took a seat at the table and took a bite of the cake. "Oh dear god...it's cake heaven."

"Hee!" Deirdre said, pleased with herself as she took a seat herself...on top of the table.

"Hee indeed." Thomas said happily, taking another bite.

Deirdre cocked her head to one side. "So are you and Peter okay again then?"

Thomas chewed thoughtfully and then he swallowed. "Mostly. I don't blame him for being angry about what he thought happened or anything. There's still some...weirdness, but we'll get over it. We always do."

Deirdre hopped off the table and set about making coffee for Thomas. She knew he wasn't really in to tea that much. "That's good. Because you two are like...Manny and Bernard. You HAVE to be together."

Thomas stopped with this fork halfway to his mouth. "We're like who now?"

"Nevermind...it was a bad example because Bernard's all mean anyway...you're like...uhm...Batman and Robin."

"Please please say I'm Batman!" Thomas said loudly.

Deirdre snorted. "Uh...I don't think there was any doubt about that." She winked and watched as the coffee maker started to bubble. "Yay coffees!"

"Yes! Oh, and see you could be Batgirl because you have red hair." Thomas said matter-of-factly.

"AND I HAVE A CAPE!" Deirdre shrieked excitedly.

"Ow. Ahem. But yes, that's true."

"THOMAS!" Deirdre was bouncing up and down in the corner of the kitchen. "Thomas, we should make Batears and then go shopping! You went shopping with Peter and now you can come shopping with ME!"

Thomas finished off his cake and he gazed at Deirdre for a second. "You want me to go shopping with Batears on my head?"

Deirdre looked suddenly shy. "Uhm...uh huh...?"

Thomas grinned. "Okay! As long as you wear your cape too! And Thomas wants coffee first."



Thomas and Deirdre turned more than a few heads as they prowled around the shopping centre in their hastily made cardboard batears (attached to headbands) and Deirdre in her glittery cape. Deirdre had fun buying all sorts of things for her girls and housemates. They she wanted to buy something for Dylan. Something kidlike because everyone else would get him books. Of course, Dylan LIKED books, but she wanted to give him something fun. That meant heading to a toystore.

As they neared the store, the volume increased. A large sign outside the store announced that there was a Teletubbies costume appearance on to celebrate the new dolls being released. Deirdre turned to Thomas and then she lifted her arm and spoke into her wristband she'd attached a yellow and black batsymbol to. "Beep! Batman. Looks like there's trouble in Toy Paradise. We've got a crowd ahead."

BatThomas lifted his own arm and spoke into his similar wristband. "Fear not, Batgirl....woman. I have a feeling us talking to our wrists and wearing ears will somehow part the crowd. Beep."

BatThomas was right. The crowd of parents and children moved aside so Thomas and Deirdre could enter without pushing through a throng of people. "Brilliant!" Cheered BatDeirdre. They continued on their way, browing through aisles and aisles of toys.

Thomas picked up a Batman action figure. "Look at this, Batgirl. No matter how hard they try, action figures never quite look right. This doesn't look like me at ALL!"

Deirdre snorted. "I know, right!" She led him around to to the boardgame aisle. "Ooh one of those geniusy trivia games! Dylan would like that because he'll kick everyone's arse!" Deirdre grinned and picked it up, making sure it was the adult version and not the one for kids. That one would bore him.

They headed to the checkout aisle, where the woman working the register looked incredibly pleased to see them. It was something non-boring to brighten her day, they supposed. Deirdre grinned as they paid and left, turning around to say, "Batgirl says have a lovely day!" As she was spinning around again, Thomas accidently caught her with his foot and Deirdre went plummeting forward...right into Mr Tinky-Winky, sending them both spilling to the floor. "Oof!" Deirdre said, trying to extricate herself from the pile of Teletubby.

Lala was most displeased. The giant Yellow Teletubby pushed Deirdre aside so that the purple one could get up. Deirdre rolled and then she stood and in a fit of demonic anger, before she could stop herself, she stood and pushed Lala over as well. Thomas's eyes widened. He was already terrified of the damn things, he didn't want THIS "Batgirl, I think it's time to leave..."

As Tinky-Winky picked himself off the ground, Deirdre had to agree. She hooked her arm in Thomas's and they started to walk away. Tinky was having NONE of that! He started to chase them. Deirdre squealed and she ran headlong towards the door of the shopping centre, pursued closely by Tinky-Winky. "Get away from me you poofy purple bastard!" She screamed as she and Thomas burst through the doors and into the carpark. They only slowed down once they had put quite a large distance between themselves and their purple pursuer.

Deirdre collapsed onto a parkbench trying to catch her breath with Thomas beside her. Once she'd done so, she lifted her wrist to her mouth one more time. "Beep. Batman...that was fucked up."

Thomas snorted and then he lifted his wrist as well. "Batgirl...I really have to agree. Beep."
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