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My Completion

I finally finished a paper that's been driving me crazy for a week!!! Mostly because I don't have the book I'm supposed to be writing it on...go figure ;) I still feel a bit like crap, but what can ya do. I finished my paper, my cat is asleep on top of my laundry and it's damn adorable, I am talking to My Lewi. Life is good :) I still have to go to the bank. Damn you money! ;) And I have to send stuff to my mom and to Rosie. I hate having errands, because I always plan them out to the last minute detail and it's sad because they don't take much planning...but that's what I do, lol. Anyway it's almost time for me to work once again. Have to earn money for the strip show tomorrow (yes...Lara is going to a strip show....yes Lara is going to wear a bag on her head) Ta-ta!
Tags: german, issues, kitty!, lewi, mommy, studying

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