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Please help, I'm haemorraging braincells exponentially!

Or something like that.

So...you all remember Heart Attack Pigeon, correct? If you don't, he's a pigeon that lives around here (specifically IN the bush I walk by on the way to my car) and he likes to jump out of nowhere (or said bush) and fly straight at me, causing heart attacks. This has been going on for about a year. A year in which he's gotten married, though I see no little pigeonettes. Maybe things aren't going so well in the HAP Household.

Uhm...ANYway, so I was walking along to my place of employ, FAR AWAY from Heart Attack Pigeon's territory, and I happened to look up and flying STRAIGHT FOR MY HEAD was another pigeon. Now I know how deer feel like when cars are headed straight towards them. I just stared at in in childlike wonder, thinking "That fucker is going to hit me and I'm going to lose an eye. Yep. Here he comes. Damn birds..." and on and on. Meanwhile something instinctual yelled "RUN YOU FUCKER!" in my head. I decided to spilt the difference between these two inner voices and that apparently yelping and doing a funny 'pigeon's gonna hit me' dance was the proper solution. It worked, though I didn't come off so gracefully. And since I was right outside a university, I did this in front of several people INCLUDING a priest!

They applauded me. And the pigeon landed beside me (where I HAD just been) and cooed his evil little coo.

Okay, so is it ME!? Does ALL pigeon kind have something against me? Because I DON'T GET IT!!

In other news, I finished How Do You Want Me? (Lewi's comment was YOU WATCHED 6 HOURS OF DYLAN MORAN AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN OWNED THE DVDS FOR 24 HOURS YET!) That TV show is brilliant. I'm so glad they released it. Now I wish only to watch it again and again and again and to take screencaps of Dylan in all the funny little hats he wears.

Oh...also today I was looking at my iRiver (which is on random and has 516 songs) and I was like "ooh I really want to listen to 'Save Me', I should scroll through and find it" and as I thought that, the song I was listening to ended and 'Save Me' came on and I was like :O!......:O!

And no, I'm not kidding.
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