December 11th, 2011

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I'm in Missoula! Jayannpants lives here! She made cupcakes! She is a cupcake artist, I am not even kidding. She made lavender and lemon curd ones which homg. Her parents came to town and took us to breakfast at Paul's Pancake Parlour which sounds lame but dear GOD I love it so much yay.

I went to Jayann's dance performance and she was amazingly awesome. Beforehand, I had some time to kill so I walked around the University campus. I randomly went to the bookstore to see if my Laramie Dean was working so I could surprise him and make him make :O! face. He wasn't there, but randomly, my uncle Leo was. So I was like "Leo Gallagher! HEY!" and then we talked about my cousin Dylan who speaks Irish and is going back to Ireland in January. Leo was in Missoula for the Griz football game last night which they won so hard (GO GRIZ, RAWR). He was like "I haven't had a break in months so it was nice to come here and have some downtime." And I informed him that we were aware because we see him on the news every night. He's the county attorney, so he's always in the Anyway, it was nice and random to see him hanging out in my old University bookstore.

Also while Jayann was at nutcracker practice I was talking her teacher randomly and then to this man wearing a Vietnam vet hat who was in the waiting room who had overheard our conversation about New Zealand. He asked me "why are you in New Zealand, I've always wanted to go there" and mentally I was like "Lara, do not tell a Vietnam war veteran you don't like the US because of the blind patriotism..." So I kind of mumbled something about reasons. But seriously I had random conversations with people I don't know and didn't freak out.

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Homg. So I went to the second dance performance because Jayann was doing her solo piece, which was gorgeous. All ribbony and painty and deep and beautiful.

The first piece was a ballet, choreographed by the head of the department. It was based on a Japanese folktale and it was set to the Crane Wife songs by the Decemberists, as well as an instrumental piece. And it was absolutely breathtaking. I love ballet so much and it was so well done. Gorgeous.

And now I am soooo tired and there are more earthquakes in the world and ew! The earthquake was apparently three minutes long. Our thirty-second long one felt like an eternity. Shit, I think after a minute you would start to believe it might never stop. Terrifying.

Focus on ballet and sleep, Lara, sheesh.