December 8th, 2011

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Oh, Donna Noble. <3 I can't wait to watch it all again with Alison!

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I have to do Christmas shopping for my niece and nephews. I should figure out what to get them! On Friday I am going to Missoula to spend a few days there with my Pants. It's a very timely visit. Her cat, Cassie just died of kidney failure. I am so crushed. When I was roommates with Jayann, Cassie lived there too. She was the cutest little Burmese. Once I was eating buffalo wings and she jumped up, stole one of the bones, and ran away from me. I ran after her and Jayann laughed so hard as we both charged into the room, her scrambling away and me yelling. Cassie was awesome. So tiny and ballsy. I was so looking forward to seeing her again. Such a lovely little girl <3