December 7th, 2011

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My step-father has cleared out a large amount of the high wild grass just beyond the area of their backyard they turned into lawn. I finally asked today what the random flatted circle was for. Turns out he wants to make a...wait for it...seventy-foot wide shamrock out there. With wild yellow rosebushes at the edges of it.

Apparently in Belfast his...grandfather? I think it was his grandfather. Anyway some Gallagher dude dug up his wife's wild rose bushes and she told him not to because that was where the wee folk lived and they didn't like their home disturbed. He did it anyway. So the story is that the wee folk put a curse on the family. Something about first borns...something. Which apparently has seemed to have come true. So he wants to plant wild rose bushes for the wee folk. In a seventy-foot wide shamrock.

Just... <3

(This is what people do when they retire...)