December 2nd, 2011

ST:TNG~Crusher will drink your brains!

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Because it's easier to copy and paste than to write it out... My mother has amazing skills of keeping things for too long. Really.

Lara: I just found a cake mix in the cupboard from 1988. Which means this cake mix moved with us from Seattle to Kalispell and then Kalispell to here. This cake mix has been in my cupboards since I was 7. I don't even know.

Simon: LOL

Lara: If I asked her, she would probably said, "I might need it sometime." "WHY WOULD YOU NEED A LEMON CAKE FROM 1988!?" Zombie Apocalypse.

Simon: You could probably kill a zombie with a 23 year old lemon cake.

Lara: I think so!

Simon: cure for the zombie virus right there.

Lara: As long as you followed the high-altitude baking instructions if you lived here. Otherwise they would be like "this bullshit didn't even rise" *NOMS YOUR FACE*

Simon: LOL well yes