November 23rd, 2011

Dylan Moran Monster

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My brother randomly came through town today to drop his dog Loki off here so we can dogsit for a few days. So I was woken up with "COME HUG YOUR BROTHER" and then my mother took me shopping for hours.

We wet to Wal-Mart where they were selling guns in plastic packages. They had pink ones. You know. Fer them gals. Bitches like pink. I couldn't believe it. I want to take my camera and take photos so I can show my NZ friends the glory that is the sporting section. <---Sarcasm. Also there was someone parked in the lot with a vanity plate that said "Ma Cow". So yep. I'm in Montana now. YEE YAW.

We also went to the store my niece works at so we could get a turkey for Racism Day (my mother had to listen to my ranting all day long, wheee) It was nice to see her! She's so grown up. I remember when she was 3. /old lady

And that's it. Being with my parents is awesome though. They're both lovely and hilarious. Even if Loki seems convinced I am some kind of alien and every time I move he growls. It has to be the hair. Don't hate on fake gingers, Loki. Are you some kind of dog-racist?! He doesn't mind me when I'm throwing a tennis ball for him. Just when I am hanging out inside. Le sigh.

Also, in Wal-Mart, my mother said "I have to get some balls for the dog. He needs some balls" And I couldn't stop laughing. She was generous enough to sigh and then ignore it instead of scolding me! Ah, love!

EDIT: Fixed my email inbox finally. Turns out I accidentally blocked the images mail uses to run with AdBlock when I was trying to block an ad on the side of it. LOLwhoops. I am so smrt. At least I figured it out!