November 22nd, 2011

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I am in the US and already I have lost my cousin. Not...dramatically. She was going to meet me in the international arrivals lounge and here I sit and I cannot find her. So, alas, I think my San Fransico Sara plans have been dealt a deathly blow.

I am so dramatic when I am sleepy. Also I was talking to my step-daddy and the stupid phone cut me off :( And my mommy isn't home to complain to. HUMPH! And today is very windy up in the skies. Both flights have been like long earthquakes. In the air. In a tube.

I slept on the plane and totally snored. Buuahaha! I also watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes twice because once I chose it and then they showed it again on the long flight where they don't have on demand. So I got to notice all the parts they edited out. Like Draco Malfoy's Tom Felton's fate. It just went black. Glad I saw it with that bit in because...uhm...yeah. Also James Franco is tasty as is Frieda Pinto.

All I can see out the window here is smog and smart carts. But it's a magical land, yo. GOD the US depresses me so much. Seriously. And no one is here yet to make it better!

EDIT: The 'welcome to the US' video they showed in customs had all these Americans going "welcome to our country" and not one of them was Native American though they seemed to work every other race of people in there (so at least it wasn't white-washed which is something). You'd think, considering it's a welcome to our country video, they should like...put some of the people who were here first in the damn video. Just a thought.


Still in Frisco airport. I gave up on my cousin and then I ate fish and chips. And now I feel sick because my body is like "you asshat, I want sleep not food. WTF is wrong with you!?" So that's nice! I am going to inform the flight attendant that if I pass out, it's because I have post-viral fatigue and it is not, in fact, a medical emergency.

I haven't lived in the US for eight years and despite being a waitress for seven years before that, I forgot how to tip. I DID tip, because I never wouldn't here in the US. But it's not a thing in Australia and NZ. So the server gave me the credit card slip and I panicked and had to ask her how to write in the tip. She kindly showed me the place where is said TIP in big letters. *sigh* I also forgot you get water in the US whether you order it or not, so I ended up with three drinks. I am full of coffee, lemonade and fish.

I also tried to plug my laptop into the powerpoint here three times before realising I have an Australian plug and it wasn't going to fit in the American holes without my converter which is in my checked baggage. I am so far gone, it's ridic.

Then I got back onto LJ, plugless, and I read this on Kyle Cassidy's blog. Some jerk had a sick cat so they just put it outside. It was found half-dead in a gutter. I can't believe people. I AM SO CHEERY RIGHT NOW! I am a ball of delight.

*giggles* Ball.

Anyway, donate if you can, rage at inhumane jerkfaces if you can't.
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My yahoo mail is still not working. Humph. But I am in the US and safe and tired. And it's snowy here. Poos. But I had mommy hugs :D

Also my parent's house has heated floors, which you don't notice on the carpets, but I just went into the bathroom and it freaked me right out before I remembered.

Now I will sleep because I'm dying. But <3