August 11th, 2011

Robert Sean Leonard Wrong in the Head

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All I do is complain!~

So here:

Today I was trying to reply to a text Alison sent me about wankers in business suits. I was trying to reply with "ew wank!" but auto-correct changed my words. So it became "Ew wankmoth!" I caught it before it sent, but then I sent it anyway because lol!

Wankmoth is in my auto-correct dictionary. It makes me happy.
SPN~Orange sky

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It's supposed to snow again here this weekend. Report! Apparently Sunday and Monday it's going to be all cold and gloooomy! So we shall shop tomorrow so there is no need to walk to the store in the snow. Wheee.

This very cold outbreak is likely to cause significant disruption to the country,as was the case with the last cold outbreak about two weeks ago.

The weather is welcome to disrupt my essay due date!


Lara: "I had three onions for lunch. I wanted some so I cooked three and ate them."
Alison: "I love you!"
Lara: "...I love you too. Why?"
Alison: "You decide you want something and then you fry it up and you eat it!"