August 1st, 2011

FG~Bunny eared Saint

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My MOTHER sent me this link to a Tim Minchin interview here on NPR. Apparently my Aunt heard it and couldn't stop laughing at how adorable he is and she called my mother to tell her she had heard that comedian I loved and she needed to tell me.

My family is so freaking awesome, I swear.
FS~Fairytales reflection

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It's Alison's birthday and we went to Captain America which I didn't expect to love, but I did. It was awesome. The ending made me so happy. But I will not give it away.

Of course it doesn't detract from the fact that nothing is going right at the moment and I want to claw my eyeballs out or spend every second screaming, but it was nice despite that. There was lunch at Drexel's and soon there will be brinner and then bed because I slept through Sunday again so I have been up for about 18 hours now. And I have been tired for 12 of them. Tired and sick and blah and ffff and hatehatehate.