July 11th, 2011

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If I haven't mentioned lately how much my mother rocks then here: my mother is pure awesome.

So I've been looking for birthday cards for you and haven't found the right one, so I gave up and decided I'd just confirm what I would have told you in the card-- that as long as you have the time at Christmas to come home, we will figure out how to get you here. If you have any $ to throw into the hat, that would be good, but your birthday/Christmas present will be whatever is needed to make up the difference for the ticket. If that's ok with you.

Uh. YEAH THAT'S OKAY WITH ME! Yay, Christmas with my family! I haven't had a Christmas that felt like Christmas since 2003. It's the one time of year I want snow and not summertime. And turkey and my mother's stuffing instead of a barbecue. Though Lewi's dad did do AWESOME and epic barbecues which always tasted of amazing, they still never felt right. Last year was good, but I still missed being in Montana.

And my sister and her family might be there too and just <3<3<3. This is what I needed right now when I feel sick and blah and hurgh. Perfect.