July 2nd, 2011

The Actors Facepulling

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Went to doctor. Came home. Slept 8 hours. Woke up for about five. Slept fourteen hours. Was awake for maybe six. Slept sixteen hours. Still tired. Hrrggghhh. I want to DO THINGS, BODY! Sleeping is boring, my giddy aunt. I want to finish rearranging my room and I want to write things and ...do stuff! But no. Sleep. Sleep is all I do.

DL Flynn ~ Yuck...

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I made it to six hours awake! After sleeping for 16. I didn't even know my housemates went out to a comic convention thing this afternoon. Ali was telling me about it and I was like "You weren't gone!" and she was like "...uh huh!" Maaannnn. Comic conventions are my THANG too. Because I am a NERD. But sleep. Sweet sleep.

Now I have to go do that before I pass out. But I made it six hours. And I actually accomplished things while I was awake. I didn't get to all my tags, but I can finish the rest when I wake up. Which hopefully won't be in like twenty hours...

Frak this virus!