June 11th, 2011

The Actors Dylan Thumbs Up

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Today Alison and I went to buy slippers and other various things. I ended up with two left slippers. I am not kidding. They were tied together too, so someone was having a laugh. Or a derp. Either way, I get to take them back when I have time :| BUT we got a clothes hanger dryey thing! It's blue! And I almost got a coat. I need to think about it. I do need one though. Coats are hard to find since I have epic man-shoulders. They never fit right and I can't lift my arms.

I ordered the cats a treehouse scratchy thing. I also got myself another bookshelf and a tower for some of my DVDs as they are overflowing out in the living room. I will have to move my desk out of my room to make a place for allll the books. I love books. I ordered Sherlock Holmes with MY BRIDGE on the cover! How excited am I!?

It is cold today. *hides under heater*

We re-arranged the living room and next will be my room and Ali's room and we did the dining room yesterday too. It's all exciting! I also put together a puzzle of my bridge which is on the top of the bookshelf in the dining room. It is a 3-D puzzle which I did myself. I am impressed. I suck at puzzles. But it is beautimous.

We gave my doll of The Master a makeover too and now he is gorgeous despite his epic fruit-punch mouth. LOL Buffy humour. He is wearing a hat and a veil and...carrying an orca. He fits right in!

This house has so many books in it. It makes me so happy.