June 8th, 2011

Vader I love Fett

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♣ Woke up every time the kitties sneezed last night. They are doing heaps better today though, but Echo had one coughing fit (compared to the dozens she was having a day, this is awesome) and Helios still sounds like a croaky boy when he purrs half the time, but Ariadne seems to be just fine.

♣ Worked more on what seems like the spreadsheet that WILL.NOT.DIE for my mother. Wonder why it was sent to me in the first place if it wasn't...like...correct. (Note this isn't my mother's fault, it's the fault of the person who built the spreadsheet. And since spreadsheets are boring, no one cares)

♣ Slept all day because of disturbed night sleep.

♣ Drank apple pie tea. OMGteagasm.

♣ Echo is the cutest, tiny kitten IN THE WORLD.

♣ Didn't even look at RPGs today. Wonder why I agree to do action plots when I hate action and cannot write it. Though the reason I didn't look was lack of time, not motivation.

♣ Instead of looking at RPGs now, I will look at my STUPID ESSAY due on Monday.

♣ Made quesadillas. Yum.

♣ I wish Social Policy Essays would die :D