May 29th, 2011

Joy Division~The Sadness

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I got another cat. Because I am insane. She is nameless and currently curled up on my shoulder. She's tiny and awkward which is why I love her. The awkward part, I am aware she will grow. She needs a name.

I think the newest side effect of the meds is insomnia, though at least that's relatively normal for me. But I can't sleep longer than a few hours at a time, even when Helios isn't waking me up. So it's 8:30 in the morning and I have been awake since about 5. And while the good days are really good and the bad days have usually meant I am extra-anxious, this is a bad day and instead I am depressed. I feel like I might snap someone's head off.

It's not awesome.
Noir~Scarlet Woman

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I have three assignments due in the next two weeks, but I have just finished one. My case study (easy peasy) is due on Friday and it is only 2,000 words. I just wrote 1,00 rambly words on service users and blah de blah for social policy. And then I have a 3,000-3,500 word essay on more social policy stuff and I cannot possibly express how bland I find social policy. But oh god. OH GOD.

My mouth is feeling slightly dry again today, but I think it's actually just because I'm having an off day and I am feeling a little (I just typed 'Littleton'...) anxious and depressed. And I think I am getting dear Alison's cold, though it could just be allergies!

I think the kitten is going to be named Echo. If you saw her, you would know why. She's a runty little thing. She needs a small name. And she is not stately. So something grandiose just doesn't fit. Echo or Clio, though I am now 99% sure it's Echo. I'll sleep on it, though feel free to weigh in there! I like opinions! She is adorable though. Every once in a while she just darts over and jumps up for a cuddle. She's perfect.

Tomorrow I have to remember to pick up a flea treatment from the vet for the new kitten, drop off my essay, hand in my form for withdrawing from my placement (asking why it has taken this long will only result in me ranting your ear off, so I would advise against it) and then going to class from 4:10 until 7. And THEN stuffing my face full of curry. Must remember to go to an ATM some time tomorrow too. Need cash for Indian foods.

I actually wrote today too. Not just essay stuff. It was wonderful. ...oh right. I should eat dinner. You know, if my appetite could return to me full time, that'd be nice too. :|