May 28th, 2011

Shaun OH NOES!

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This kitten actually wakes me up every three hours like clockwork. I went to sleep at midnight, and he woke me up at 3. I fell asleep again and he woke me up at six and I tried to fall asleep again for an hour to no avail. I carried my cat in here to cuddle and he chased her away and is now claiming my chest. Dear Helios. I WANT TO CUDDLE MY ARIADNE! And sleep some time this century. But GOD you are cute.

My sleep schedule has been so messed up and I am so tired all I can do while I am awake is lie there and watch DVDs. I haven't actually written anything in almost a week and a half other than the odd tag. It makes me feel antsy, but much less antsy than I probably would have been without the meds. They are chilling me out big time.

Also, I made salsa yesterday and it tastes like a Mexican restaurant. Sogoodomg. And Ewan is now falling off my wall. I shall go punish him ;D