May 10th, 2011

DL~Adrina self-hug

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I had a good week, but two hours ago panic flared up again. It's to be expected, as I haven't been taking the meds for long and they can't fix everything right away. Today the panic attacks were caused by a combination of a bit of dry mouth (thanks, meds) and <---that. Though finding out it is indeed a symptom does help. I've had this 'my tongue feels huge and stupid' feelings on and off since I started having these panic attacks so I knew it wasn't an allergic reaction to something. Once again I feel a little better now that I know it's just my anxiety causing my anxiety. Like the difficulty swallowing I am STILL having when I get worked up.

Blah. I'm tired now, but I'll be fine. I'm feeling calmer and my tongue doesn't feel frozen and huge any more, at least not all the time. Just on and off.

The brain is a weird thing. Just...really, really weird. But I drank coffee and wham, anxious. Curse you, blessed caffeine.