April 16th, 2011

Photography~Duckies by Dave Brown

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So you see this aftershock report yes?

Leah and I had just gone to see Sream 4 (which I will talk about in a different entry so people can comment and not fear spoilers) and the movie had just finished. We just left the theatre and we were in the hall when this weird noise started happening and the floor shook and I was like "oh my god, are there people running around in...oh the vending machines are shaking...oh. OH." And then the fire door started to close. The really big fire door that locks people in to lock fire out and keep it contained? Yeah. And the evacuation alarm went off and we see this tiny girl who worked at the cinema trying to keep the door open so Leah grabbed it and leaned against it and I pushed higher up (I am way tall but this door was like three times as tall as me...) to hold it open so the hundreds of people still in the cinema could get out.

The poor girl was freaking out. She said, "I just got here!" Poor thing. So yes, Leah and I held the door for about five minutes until it finally stopped trying to shut. It was so heavy, my word.

Everything at home is fine! My cupboard doors were open though and I was like "Dammit, Ariadne!" until I realised the earth had opened my doors, not my poor kitten without opposable thumbs.

I am so glad the movie had just finished not a minute before that. The credits had just started to roll (I just realised I missed the picture credits but you know...whatevers...)

So now I am eating roast. Good day!