March 28th, 2011

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I had a dream that I had this great idea and I was going to write a book with pages marked A, B, C, D or E. All the A pages were a novella for one character, and all the B pages a novella for another character and so on. Since novellas are novels with one main idea and novels have several main ideas coming together, the book could be read for any of the five novellas or as a whole. There were unmarked pages too, meant only to be read if the book was read all together, as the blank pages tied all the separate novellas together.

It sounds like an awesome idea but yeah, I'm not that clever.

I did, however, get to the bank today. This pleases me greatly. And I bought two more pairs of fingerless gloves because apparently I need enough to make a giant pile I can dive into. And I had dumplings at Riccarton.

I did worry that while I was eating, the shopping centre would fall in on me. But it did not. Which was kind of it.

One day I will be able to dye my hair again. I don't want to while we are still having water shortages, since my hair is so thick it takes about 45 minutes to wash out. But I miss my roots being red!