March 18th, 2011

Evil Dead~Crazy Bruce


You guys. I am such a- *headdesk*

Yesterday I finally bought another wrist brace because my entire right arm has been killing me lately. Repetitive strain injury (easy, tiger) from using the computer too much. So either stop (LOL!) or replace the brace I left in the US. It now takes me forever to type anything, but my fingers don't hurt. Or...well-

I am accident prone. I spent 98% of my life feeling distinctly dizzy and slightly unable to control my body. The only way I can really describe it is that it feels like I am a smaller person that ends a few inches before my body actually does, so I am unaware of where the edges of me are, and I always take a little longer to respond to stimuli externally than internally because I have no control over that few inches of me (yes I know how weird that sounds, but try experiencing it). Blood sugar problems are awesome. I fall over a lot. I run into things CONSTANTLY (my old workplace got so used to me saying 'ow' they sent ME to be the first aid person so the other one could stop thinking they had to help me every other hour). It's a good thing I don't generally bruise visibly or I would be covered in the things.

In the past week I tried to jump off the sofa to stop the cat from going out a window. I got headspin and slammed to the floor in full view of both housemates who were horrified. I cackled madly and then still caught the cat (BOOYAH). I burned three fingers on my left hand badly yesterday while cooking corn. They still hurt, but they didn't blister.

Today I was trying to get a cranefly out of the bathroom so I could take a shower. I was trying to splash water on it to get it to go out the window, and I gave it an overhand watertoss. I slammed my hand full-speed into the shower curtain rod. Oh my god the pain. They are actually already bruising and they still hurt a great deal, especially when I bend them (typing is FUN). And then, while stepping into the bath, my foot slid out and I almost fell into it. I stood there with one foot in the bath and one out of it, cackling madly because it was laugh or cry.

You're allowed to laugh too. It was hilarious.