January 30th, 2011

Boosh~Noel from IT Crowd

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I went from sitting here having a cry tonight (lol bloodsugar) to bouncy and happy. This pleases me.

So...this is just a hole in the ground right?! Everyone else is seeing what I'm seeing? This is a hole in the ground in Camden for rent for 320 quid a week? I am sure that isn't what is actually on offer here, at least I hope not. But a quick check at the floorplan leaves me baffled. Are they renting the ground and expecting you to build!?

I decided to look up properties on Foxton's on a whim because I freaking love that site. The manor houses they have for sale. The refurbished churches (this is the property where my characters Flynn and Quinn live. It's been for sale since I went to London in 2009!). The houseboats. THIS. It's only 16 million, why are you making that face?!

Oh, London. I love you, but seriously... I don't think I could ever live in a refurbished church. The viibbesssss. But an old manor house I could do! If I were a rich lady!