January 11th, 2011

Vienna ~ Pagan towers

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Been reading old entries from 2003, and in the midst of being annoyed at how completely dippidydoodah I was, I found this lovely entry which is talking about wanting to move to Vienna.

I had a job offer in Vienna in 2003 and I turned it down to go to Australia. I don't regret that at all, but reading that entry made me smile. I was still living in the US at the time when I wrote it, but I've been back to visit Vienna since. It's still my favourite city in the whole world. And reading that entry...that is still the way I feel about it. So many things about me have changed. I have changed. But my silly, dreamy feelings about my favourite place in the world are exactly the same. Which is really nice, actually!

(Also the LFoD watched Ed Wood. I love Ed Wood. And Johnny Depp. And Plan Nine from Outer Space. It made me happy!)

EDIT: HAHAHHAHAHA oh god. 21 year old, fangirl me. How many exclamation points do I NEED?!