December 26th, 2010

Scrubs Perry Hit Kelso

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There have been like...five aftershocks in the last half hour. After going days between them lately, this is not pleasant. And the first one was quite jolty.

STOP.SHAKING. It's been a long time now, okay? Nearly four months. Enough is enough.
FS~Patrick has PRIDE!

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The world is still shaking and I have to go pick Jayann up from the airport soon! I hope she doesn't flip her biscuits if one happens while she's here. That would not be pleasant.

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Not written this year, because he has the flu. He says "My daughter has the flu too. I'd better go stick some drugs in her face." Awww. I hope they get better soon.
QI~David Tennant and Bill Bonkers Bailey

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My best friend is here. Already she made me stand on her ass. Apparently it was to put her tailbone back into place. Or so she says. I have her pegged, this one. She is now asleep on the floor of the living room because Jayann sleeping in the bedroom is about as rare as...something rare!

I have said so many words today. It's kind of epic!

(I also bought Tim Minchin. But a DVD and not the man himself. Because he has the flu and also that is illegal)