November 19th, 2010

DL~Julian's Tongue

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Hahahhaha! So it was my lovely character Julian's 20th birthday today (WEREN'T YOU 16 YESTERDAY, JULIAN, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!) and I posted in his journal about it. And a few minutes later I got an amusing spam reply.

Oh yes, I will totally read your horoscope except it's a ROLE PLAYING JOURNAL and says so in the userinfo. Of course trying to talk sense into spammers is probably a sign of insanity...

And amusement aside, I am annoyed at LJ because that is SO not the icon I chose for Julian's post. It was supposed to be his grinning one. He is talking about ponies and birthdays and his daughter Aislinn. He would not be brooding... I edited it and it STILL won't show the right one. I hate it when LJ does that. I wrote this horrible scene with Flynn and the icon LJ insists on showing is Flynn, grinning away. YAY, BEING BEATEN UP IS AWESOME!

Stupid LJ.

But I freaking love Julian...
You Barstad!

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I OFFICIALLY HATE MOST MEN. If you are not gay or Lewi, know...on my friends list, then right now, I do not like you.

Really, I don't like the testosterone-fuelled, d-bags which seem to populate Christchurch after 9PM.

If I am crossing a street, which was EMPTY and then you speed out into it from around a corner, nearly killing me, when I dart out of the way, do not STOP and loudly blare your horn at ME since you were the person breaking the fucking law. And DO NOT scream "FUCK YOU" and me when I did nothing wrong and am still catching my breath from thinking I was going to be run over.

And when my housemate yells at you, DON'T stop the car and back up as if you're going to come get us for being freaked out for doing nothing wrong.

You are a complete, mother fucking asshole.

And then the bus was filled with guys who thought they were awesome, which isn't bad and usually I would think it was hilarious, but tonight I just find it off-putting.

And THIS is why I like women. Augh.