November 16th, 2010

Tea~Tea Break

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To be honest though, it was nice to just BE for a few days. Really nice. There were two days when I didn't touch a computer AT ALL. Two days I was driving and that leave twoish days when I spent a few hours on the computer writing each, since mostly in my down time I was reading a 300-page book. And I managed 11,500 words in only a few hours. Having no distractions = awesome.

And we saw a kiwi bird!! OMG CUTEST THING EVER IN THE WORLD!

But we are home now, and Ryan Reynolds is back at his home. He was SUCH a good car and we miss him. We had Ariadne-snuggles and internet-checking and I am talking to Ren <3 and soon there will be spaghetti.

Also? Charades are still hilarious when you are nearly thirty. Even the silly kid game ones (we wrote our own after the first night which were amazing) I was acting out Pooh Bear and they had the bear part. I acted out 'poo' because I am incredible, and Alison yelled out 'SHIT BEAR'! And they had red-nosed and when I mimed antlers, she yelled 'MOOSE' and it was, of course, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. had to be there. But Alison is a unique and beautiful lady and there was much laughter.

AHahhahah shit bear. Good times.