October 28th, 2010

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I need to go to BED. I've been up for hours, revelling in the fact that I wrote this scene in Darker London that was actually longer than like ten lines (my concentration, she has been minimal, I have a half-finished Flynn scene from forever ago, augh) and I kind of love it. I love writing slightly messed up things and apparently I needed Saint Patrick in Darker London. So this is what his life would be like if he wasn't a Saint, and he had been kidnapped by a crazy band of priests called the Templar who still think like the Spanish Inquisition. (Also, Seamus Finnegan wasn't intentional and I only figured out why Seamus came to me as a middle name an hour after I wrote it.)

Oh, Patrick. Apparently I love you no matter where you are. And now I will torture you with religious crazies. Wheeee!

Now. Bed. Or...The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Yes, that is more constructive!

Edit: OH MY GOD my kitten is adorable! Ariadne just tried to climb my guitar because she was trying to get at something. I picked her up and she immediately started purring and then I saw she wanted my Halloween Chinese lantern on the wall. I held her out to it, she poked it tentatively with he paw, squeaked in what I assume was terror, and leaped out of my hands to run down the hall.

She is the cutest little freak in the world!
Grandma's House~O_O...

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This house. THIS HOUSE. Alison is crazy because she's tired and honestly, it never ends.

Ali: "Make a Kiwi sound"
Circe: *makes a lame squeaky sound*
Ali: "That's not a kiwi!"
Ali: *shrieks* Circe: "...I think you'll find that was a velociraptor"


Ali: "GET ON ME! FLOOR HUG! ...it's different. I think your thighs are closer together..."

And then Circe blew on her stomach and Alison shrieked forever.

Circe got up and Alison said "stay with me leeeeeeegggys!" And now she's making kiwi sounds again.

This house...is cursed...with awesome..."D