October 7th, 2010

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Today we learned about the Humanist approach to therapy and person-centered focus, and despite the fact that Carl Rogers just looks like Junior Soprano which was REALLY distracting, I found the entire thing fascinating.

I really like this comic from the Australian illustrator Leunig. Because really, this is what I do. My experiences and traumas and feelings and issues and whatever else is what made me go to Vienna. It's what made me leave behind a country I didn't fit in to. It sent me to Australia and then, when I felt I had to get out, it sent me on a worldwide trip which saw me make another move less than six months later. Acknowledging these experiences and feelings and whatever else has always, I think, been something I've been good at. It's always been something I have used. So even with as many anxiety issues as I have, I can still do the things I do.

Feel the fear. Do it anyway.

That is not to say I am better than anyone else, nor is it to say that everyone should or could do this; not at all. Some people can't feel the fear and do it anyway, and that is not their fault. Everyone is different. Still, it's a strength I am suddenly seeing in myself, and eventually I hope to help other people acknowledge their own strengths and help them to walk their own paths.

Sure, it sounds wanky and cliche, but I really can't wait.