October 6th, 2010

DL~Adrina self-hug

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Three assessments down today. I gave my cultural seminar and did the test I talked about. And I finished my cultural essay in record time, actually. And with 2,850 words! I am usually up doing those ones until like...5 am the night before when all the assignments are clumped together like this. This means I have time to start the craptonne of assessments due next week (...4...5?) tomorrow. And get my hair cut. And make chili. And remember not to die!

Oddly enough, I am feeling much less stressed about life in general. Whatever these herbs my mother told me to take for sleeping and stress-relief are, they're working a bloody treat. This is when I should be FREAKING OUT but the stress is at a manageable level which just means I am motivated not to slack. And I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. For like...the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE EVER. It's not an exaggeration. I'm serious. My mind turns off at night when it used to runandrunandrunandrunandrun...etc. This is so freaking blissful. And maybe it's a placebo effect, but who CARES, it's working!

I like this. I like not feeling incredibly unwell while slogging through this kind of crap. I still don't think I am doing my best work because I can't take as long on it as I want, but I'm dealing with that too.

Young Frankenstein MaddyK Boast and Brag

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Leah: "Megadeth is playing in Auckland. Oh my God, how will they fit Dave Mustaine's ego there?!"

I love my housemates. They are made of total and complete win.

Also? Today I saw around in the sun with my Social Work peeps and, randomly, we decided to roll down the hill. So we did. Because why not, right?! I got grass all over myself and it was awesome. And then I got my hair cut.

The end.

(I lied)

Ali: *flails* FUCK OFF!!!!!!! ....moth.

(and again)

Ali: Oh my GOD it's 11.
Me: I know, I was about to toddle off.
Ali: WHAT?! (I suspect she was feigning surprise...)
Me: To my bed, not to death!
Ali: ...who toddles off to death?!!?
Ali: ....I know, but- ...!!!

And then we laughed really hard.