September 19th, 2010

DL~Quinn loves tea

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I am SO writing my essay on vicarious trauma right now! (Actually, reading the Memitim's bio on FG just actually gave me the missing start of my novel wouldn'tyouknowit, so I did that too. Essay and novel. And...this. Hush :D) I am continuing my 30 days of RP meme!

day 03 - your favorite female pb - This one is hard. I prefer to play men, and I think my male characters are always more well-rounded. My first original character I used in roleplay, however, was deirdre_ionuin my Deirdre Gallagher. She's now a rock star. When I started her in April, 2005, she was just a shy 16-year-old girl who didn't know what was going on. I stated that she was a redhead because I modeled her on my Kara Kent character from Superman (DO SHUT UP) and she had red hair. I used stock photos forever, until I saw all these lovely icons of this redheaded model on Leah's journal. And I thought...oh, I could use the photos of HER even though Deirdre is supposed to have green eyes and the model has blue eyes.

I had no idea that this was not a strange concept. It was called a played-by or PB. I thought I was being so clever to use an actual person for her photos, I am not even kidding. And the PB I found? Cintia Dicker. I think EVERY ROLEPLAY has or has had a Cintia in it. Because she is beautiful, she makes more than one face, and there are photos of her everywhere. So I thought I was being original and I was, in fact, being so unoriginal it's insane. Still, I love her. And over the past five and half years I have lived with Deirdre in my head, Cintia has become synonymous with her for me. I could never use her as anyone else, even though I can use Dylan Moran as someone other than Peter (which is mind-boggling). She's the perfect fit. Some PBs fit mostly and you just fudge the rest, but no. She is so perfect, Deirdre's eyes are now blue. Is she my favourite, however? I am not sure. I love using Emilie Autumn and Amanda Palmer as well. I just use Cintia more. And that is that!

day 04 - your favorite ship - HAH! Yeah, no contest. My Flynn myeyesarehollow and his husband, Quinn quinntaessentia. I will try to make this not so tl;dr. Flynn was in the PIRA. He met Quinn (they both had different names then but changed them for legal reasons oooOOOo) and had the hots for him. They made friends and Quinn showed Flynn violence isn't the way. Flynn's brother Frankie was angry and framed Flynn for several things including his own arrest. His parents kicked him out of home and Quinn went with him. They were homeless in Dublin and Flynn watched Quinn deteriorate. When he was sure Quinn might die, Flynn called Quinn's parents who had reported him as a runaway and he told them where Quinn was. Thus leading to six years of separation in which Quinn was loved by his family and Flynn was homeless.

Cut to three years ago when they reunited. They are, without a doubt, the sweetest thing I have ever written. And Quinn wasn't even supposed to be the random boy Flynn mentioned to his friend when talking about his past. I had created the character of Quinn a year before I made Flynn and suddenly Quinn was adamant he was this 'Ardal' Flynn kept talking about. I checked his backstory and everything he had said and it actually fit without me realising. I had no idea. I was creeped out. So I threw them together to see what would happen and holy crap, you guys. When I write them, I feel better about the world. They just love each other and I can't get enough.

Which is why I do terrible things to them sometimes, shhhh. They conquer all. Their tag is here with the oldest stuff way back, obviously. There are so many scenes there because I am insane.

OMFG I love them. Seriously. I love them waaaayyy too much.

I also love Spectre/Thomas and Aly/Peter. (And Noah/Daria YAY) They don't even come close to the love I feel for these guys though!