September 7th, 2010

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1. Last aftershock I felt was at about 8 this morning.

2. Big one (5.somethingorother) at 3 am had me jumping out of bed like I was rocket-powered.

3. The buses are running but it doesn't help that the real time map ISN'T. At least they're going though. And my favourite busdriver is not only okay, but cheerful as ever he was.

4. Shops are still out of some stuff, but managed to get everything I wanted, including half-price Pepsi WHEEEEEEEEOMG

5. What kind of cat doesn't like tuna? She doesn't like tuna or chicken or steak. She likes dry cat food and cheese (not...together...). What did she eat before the cat rescue people picked her up?! Wild dry cat food she caught with her mad hunting skillz?! I swear to sonny Jim my cat is munted. I love her the most anyway. She's adorable and when I poke her she scolds me <3

6. Tunnnaaaa mmmeellltttsssssss

7. Tonight I am making chili and relaxing and I like it that way.

8. This guy on the bus had the BEST accent and it made me smile.

9. Random people I don't even know at the bus stops are asking me how I fared. Dear Christchurch, I love you.

10. I <3 you all too :D
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Something not earthquake related, I just finished Shutter Island (I watched half of it yesterday, fell asleep, and had WEIRD dreams...). I have never seen it before. Lewi saw it with his family though and once on the phone he said "there's a twist, but you'll probably figure it out right away?" and I said "is it ___?" and he was like "...uh...yes..." So while I usually figure out the ending of movies while I am watching them way before the twists are revealed, I figured out this one before I ever watched it! In my opinion, the trailer gave everything away.

So while I was watching it? I figured out every single detail. Who was fake, who was real, who Chuck was, who Teddy was, who Rachael was...all of it. I figured out the conversations he was having with that Nolan guy too. I am a little disappointed. Not in the MOVIE just...usually there's SOMEthing I don't figure out even if I get the big bits. Nope. Not a thing. I figured out exactly what they were doing, WHY they were doing it (nice one, Tom Cruise), and why he kept having headaches... Like...ten minutes into the thing. (Am I the only one? Lewi said he got parts of it, but what did other people figure out?)

COME ON, HOLLYWOOD! STEP UP! I WANT TO BE SURPRISED AGAIN! M. Night Shyamalan could never do it. Not even with The Sixth Sense. Someone out there has to be able to! Hell.

Still? I enjoyed it. It was fun and even though I figured it out, I do enjoy being proven right at the end.

(Harry was a horcrux. I predicted that at the end of the sixth book. This is why we listen to me.)