August 19th, 2010

DL~Bianca faithful one

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Last night when I was downloading today's class notes I had a strange feeling the class would be cancelled. I checked my email to make sure there was no message there saying "no class, lol!" but there was only one saying what we would be going over. Still feeling weird about it, I downloaded the notes and went to bed. I woke up this morning and checked the email AGAIN just to be sure and then I printed the notes out. When I got to the Social Work building (well...when people started arriving at 8:45 since I am always the first one) I joked with my friend Diana that I had thought the class would be cancelled. We all piled into the classroom at nine and waited. And waited. Twenty minutes later the admin assistant checked her messages and found one from the lecturer that had been sent at 7 AM saying he wasn't coming in.

You should have seen the look Diana gave me. :O!!!!!!!! It was hilarious. So then she ran around telling EVERYONE I had known at 8:45 and I was like "don't overstate it or anything. If I had really known, I wouldn't BE HERE right now". It was still freaking amusing.

I could have slept in! Blarg. But this way I got to turn in my enrolment form for the medical centre so the trip wasn't wasted and at least it's over now, instead of me putting it off until 4 in the afternoon.

I am going to have My Girls withdrawal when I leave the country tomorrow. And now Leah can't even come to the airport with me! I will be strong and pretend I am not leaving until I am heading onto the plane...

Why can't I bring my girls and my kitty to the US?! Three weeks is like FOREVERS!

/over-dramatic ;)