July 24th, 2010

Boosh~Noel from IT Crowd

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Spent the last two weeks with Darclady and had a fantastic time. We went to the BEACH! In the RAIN! It was freaking awesome, yo.

Tonight included Woot, Chili and Rent. Three of my favourite things! Good times, good times.

Tomorrow I am hennaing my hair and watching the movie version of Rent again. For now, I am role-playing with my Leah, the kitten is curled up beside me, the house is warm, and I am full and happy. Content and peaceful is such a lovely thing to feel.

LMAO! Leah JUST walked into the room and we had this conversation...

Leah: I would so blow a bee.
Me: .... ..... ...what!?
Leah: I said I would so blow a bee!
Me: ..... *dies*

Yeah, she just had some of Darclady's honey.

My lovely Leah has successfully brought down the tone of my 'I LOVE EVERYTHING EVER IN THE WORLD' post, but that is how it works in the LFoD. Which is why I love it so damn much.