March 29th, 2010

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Hurrah for Strong Women

I got my earlier journal submissions back today graded and got B plusses, which YAY! Both the comments were 'reflect more' though which pisses me off because we have 600 words in which to introduce a topic, explain our learning and then relfect on it AND include two points which influenced us. 600 WORDS!?! ARE YOU IN-FREAKING-SANE! But whatever, because I finished my final three submissions and tried to work in more reflection and hopefully that'll work ;) AND I finished my pointless book review in 440 (it was supposed to be less than 500) and it's BORING but what can you do, eh? I had to read a huge article on social policy for it. That was enough work!

Today I was sitting in human development class and the lady was talking about how infants and children model their behaviour on the grown ups around them, which everyone knows especially if you can studied human development before. But I think today is the first time I realised that was probably why my mother was always so careful with her behaviours around us. Like...SO careful. Always cheerful and happy even when things sucked major boo. And though that means that sometimes when everything is going wrong I don't want to talk about it until afterwards because I don't like to SHOW my strife (or what have you, but I'm working on it!), I think that is probably why I'm so relatively together. Note the relatively, kplsthx.

So hey, thanks, Mommy! She's a pretty amazing lady, darnit.