September 24th, 2009

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WOW. Just wow. WOW wow wow. Fundies creep me oouttttttt!

Kirk Cameron, I dislike you greatly. And I used to love you on Growing Pains. Screw you for going loop-de-loop. This video looks like a hoax. Unfortunately it is not. My brother suggests that if you ARE on a campus where this little book giveaway happens, take the books, rip out the first fifty pages and redistribute. That way you're simply passing along literature and not a fundie diatribe.

PS regardless of Darwin's attitude towards women, people of other races, or a Nazi leader who lived AFTER HIS DEATH, that does not mean his theory of natural selection is not scientifically sound. THAT MAKES NO SENSE. That's like saying you don't like food because oxygen is pretty. THEY ARE IN NO WAY CONNECTED!