September 18th, 2009

Friday the 12th!

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Today? I answered the phone, "Lara Moses, this is Fees speaking." And then I tried not to die laughing while talking to a student who was severely confused. I'm never going to live this one down, though I did take the opportunity to shout, "That's right, I AM FEES" to my coworkers (who were sniggering) when I had finished the conversation.

Ahhahahahaa oh god, me.

And then I ran into a divider, and while walking to lunch, I almost twisted my ankle in a pothole on Smith Street.

I am AWESOME today, but at least I'm in a pretty good mood anyway!
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I was born in Seattle. I know how to eat seafood. I have gone crabbing, steamed the crabs, shelled them, and then eaten them. I have done all of it myself. And tonight while trying to eat a crab, I SHOT PIECES OF IT INTO MY EYE LIKE A FREAK!

I am so unco ;)

But I'm listening to Fountains of Wayne and they're bouncy :D And really, it was hilarious. It hurt SOOOOOO very much, but I couldn't.stop.laughing.

Who does that. You know...besides me.