August 30th, 2009

Joy Division~Love will tear us apart


WOW some people make me so sad for humans. I just hate it when people have blinders on, and they can't see it. It's crappy. And I'm worrying about someone who has treated me with SO little regard; I wish I didn't have the empathy I do. Unfortunately, I was cursed with it. So...may you not be 'rewarded' with the Karma you deserve, even though it might just make you a better human being in the process.


Anyway, I'm home in Melbourne! And I spent almost the entire afternoon sleeping on the sofa! I want to re-watch the Most Haunted episodes of the places I visited, so I can laugh at their antics while now knowing the place. Eeeeiiii!

I miss my girls. Leah and Ali and I had supreme cuddles in the Christchurch airport! They're so awesome! And I got Jensnuggles for giving her an NW with RPattz in it, and Cath snuggles before I left, and that was awesome! I did not, however, catch some Ness-snuggles before she left after crashing on Friday, but they can be online ones!!

And I am now an addict of Battlestar Galactica, The IT Crowd, and The Flying Burrito Brothers (that is a restaurant...)

Being back is weird. My STUFF is here. So strange. Anyway, that'd be the end of my 2009 trip updates, alas. On with the show.