August 14th, 2009


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Oh man. History FTW. Not that it's pleasant! Today I learned about the Easter Rising and STUFF and tomorrow is the trip to Malahide Castle and the coast *unrestrained glee* And then I'm going to go BACK to Kilmainham Gaol because I gave up on it today. You can't go through without a guided tour and I didn't want to wait for the 5:30 pm one when I have the ghost bus (:D) at 8pm. Tomorrow it is not an issue. If I have time I'll go to Dublinia at Christchurch Cathedral, but I'm not fussed. It's just spend time really. I'm more interested in the gaol. I really like this city too. Not in the 'omg I have to live here' way like Vienna and London and Melbourne, but in the 'this is really a wonderful place to visit' way. It'd probably be even better if I gave a crap about stout. SO MANY PEOPLE were lined up outside the Guinness brewery. Stinky!

So now I am relaxing with coffee, listening to Amanda Palmer and Lennon, writing My Boys, and gnerally wasting time until the ghost bus tour. Speaking of My Boys Look! I SWEAR I didn't arrange them like this, I found them like that and SQUEALED and got dirty looks...

Oh god, I had the BEST lunch. This two course thing with calamari and steak for 8 euro. Freakin' awesome! And I went into St Patrick's Cathedral which was incredible and the history is amazing, but I still think the one in Melbourne is prettier. It just IS.

I'll post more after the Ghost Bus because of the writing I am wishing to be doing. Plot bunnies, you are my FRIENDS never leave me?! Oh, and Neil Gaiman is a genius and now I have mentioned both Neil and Amanda in the same post because I love them both and SQUEEE.

PS I also love Michael Collins, but I think most people knew that?

PPS Do you think my singing is disturbing other guests?! Not that I care, they're getting a free concert. Because I'm a freaking diva. (That was partial sarcasm...)

PPPS Scout, there's a Fitzwilliam square here and I tried to find it for you and FAILED! But I'll try again tomorrow!! Let's see if my lame map-reading skills can help me out here...

Photos! I added descriptions to the ones yesterday because I found out what they are ;)
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Ghostbus=AWESOME! I can't compare it to the London one because they were so completely different, much to my pleased surprise. This one wasn't really a bus with a made up history, it was just a tour with stories and we got to get off and wander. I loved both the tours because the London one was HILARIOUS and fun, and this one was more about stories and history which I love too! I'll share the photos tomorrow (which are pretty mad, okay...), because I can't actually plug my computer in and still sit with it on the bed, and it takes alllll my battery to upload photos :D SO you get them tomorrow along with the photos of the coast and (hopefully) the gaol and Fitzwilliam Square. And anything else I decide to do on my last day in the UK. That's right. After that, I'm headed to the US to see the fam, and then to NZ to see my girls before I return to Melbourne.

You know what's been awesome?! Other than being assaulted by the crowds in Edinburgh, I have not ONCE felt a bout of my normal social anxiety here. I wasn't all weird when hanging out with Clare and Jess and Muz and Lisa, and I haven't flipped out about ANYTHING (in a bad way OMGOMGYAYTHEBRIDGEOMG does not count...). Except not finding my hotel, but that lasted 4 seconds because I am fairly resourceful and decided to find a taxi. Good plan. It's been awesome. I'm forgetting I HAVE issues, which probably won't be so great when they come back but right now? I'm not going to knock it! I go right up to people, I talk to them, I don't hate it when they talk to me... I think there's just something about the UK that agrees with me. And I love it.